Oahu, Hawaii Chapter

Sarah Daigle became Vice President and co-creator of our House of Golden Light 501c3 Oahu Chapter through beautiful synchronicity. She has been on her path of finding her inner light to heal herself and others, so finding the HGL Ohana has allowed her the ability to work with others who share the same vision and heart love. Offering love and support any way she can to local communities and beyond, helping to raise awareness and raise the vibration of Mother Earth is what she is here for. Sarah is currently certified in Reiki II, certified through the MahiKari to give Divine Light, a licensed Esthetician and helps run a Wellness Center in the heart of Honolulu. She will forever be grateful for the HGL family and all that they stand for. Family. Love. Compassion. Faith. Trust. Oneness. Knowing.

*Rev. Jerome James,  President (his inspiration)
* Rev. Sarah Daigle, V.P.
* Rev, Sylvia Contreras,  Secretary  (inspired to be with unloved children)
* Rev. Rikita Turner, Tres.  (actor and choreographer with an  amazing new play)


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